what is geography

What is geography?

Definition of Geography:-

Geography is the field of science which deals with the spatial distribution of physical and human features/ phenomena/objects /places/ events and things, is called geography.

Mostly People ask from you that what is geography and some want to know about it.so the complete knowledge with some brief history of geography is the following:

History Of Geography:

Geography is a word that is derived by Greek Scholar named Eratosthenes( ca. 273 – Ca. 192 B.C ) and coined this term in the third century B.C. Geography is a combination of two words Geo and graph. so geo mean Earth and graph mean description. so volumes were written about rocks, river, oceans, places, soils and plants. In short, geographical knowledge was to a description.

However, Geography is a modern field, in which scientists use space-age research equipment. But its roots are very deep in the old Greek era. Geography gets title Mother of all sciences and this title is well suited and proper. Because all other subjects area took root from its existence. Modern studies our earth as a home of Man. It gives us the relationship between man and his environment. It tells us the answers to many questions like WHY, WHEN, WHERE, HOW things are. The most important question where things are located and it tells the answer exactly with location.

The evolution trend in geography continuing to this present time. Now every geography views themselves as a physical or human geographer. Because geography generally divided into two these Major division. These two division’s subfield interconnected to each other.

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what is geography
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Fields of geography:-

The broadest possible division of the discipline geography is Physical and Human geography. But even within this broad division, there are subdivisions. For example, a physical geographer may work on shorelines and beaches. On soil erosion, or on climate change.

On the other hand, a human geographer may be interested in urban problems, in geopolitical trends, or in economics, racial or medical and health issues. As a result, geography today consists of a variety of fields. Each of the geographer fields is closely related to common source discipline. And further each of the fields shown consist of a combination of many sub-fields.

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Strahler Introducing Physical Geography 5th textbook


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